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Dispatch / Inquiries

Automatic Dispatch System

By registering, by simply making a call (using the NTT number display system), our computers will search for 10 vehicles nearest to your home and will display the detailed map on the display at the base station. We will then transfer it to the car navigation system of a nearby vehicle and dispatch it. So once you register, we do not need an address explanation again. Also, since there is no need to look it up on a map etc., we will be able to arrive speedily and smoothly and not have to make you wait long.
Those who are not listed on public phones, non-notifications, mobile phones, or phone books cannot use this.

Telephone Reception Sysytem

Customer information (addresses, names, directions, etc.) is instantaneously displayed on the screen of the personal computer before receiving a call at the time of an incoming call by NTT’s number display service (dialed number notification service). It is also possible to confirm the location of the customer with the pop up of a map.

Automatic Dispatch System

With the latest excellent GPS technology, we can grasp in detail what area, what kind of car, what position it will be located in, and position information (straight distance, topography, road conditions, etc.) and the distances of the customers to the vehicles comprehensively. We take all of these things into consideration and have realized the immediate implementation of this telephone reception → the automatic search of optimum vehicles → dispatch instruction

Command Receiving Car Pickup System

A navigation type liquid crystal display is mounted as a specialized terminal in the pick-up vehicle that was chosen by the search, and all information (road maps, landmarks, district names, etc.) from the dispatch center about the destination is easy to see and displayed clearly.

“National Taxi (Japan Taxi Co., Ltd.)”

It corresponds to 47 prefectures nationwide. You can specify on the map you would like to be picked up. By interlocking with the automatic dispatch system, you can quickly find taxi and use it comfortably.
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