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Airport Transfer Service

This service allows you to make a reservation in advance for airport transfer for a flat rate.
Please confirm as prices vary depending on the area and car type.
If you prefer a fixed rate service, please first proceed to “Contact” below and then go to “Content of use (s)”, select “Other” and write “fixed rate.”

Labor Taxi

By registering your information in advance, we will take you to the hospital when you are going into labor.
Please be sure to call from the telephone number you registered with.

Chauffeur Taxi (Designated Driver Taxi)

When you’ve had a drink, our professional drivers will drive your car to the place designated by you.
Please understand that we may not be able to respond depending on the day.

Various Cards for Payment

This corresponds to taxi tickets, credit cards and bar code tickets through apps, and covers most credit cards now used in commerce transactions.

Taxi Points

At Enoshima taxi, we offer a point card that will give you great deals.
If you accumulate 50 points, we will exchange it for a 1,000 yen nationwide department store gift certificate.