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Labor Taxi Service

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3 reasons to choose
Labor Taxies


We will send you to the hospital
smoothly with advance registration


No need for directions with advance registration


Safe driving, Comfort

Enoshima taxi’s “labor taxi” is a service that sends you to the hospital during labor by registering your information in advance.。

We will send you safely without unnecessary directions to the driver after getting in the taxi by preregistration.
By pre-registering the address of the pick-up destination, the prefectural hospital, etc. that you will give birth, you can go to the hospital quickly and surely without having to explain anything at the time of labor.

Please fill in the form to contact us.

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Obstetrics and Gynecology name  :
Expected date of birth  :

When you contact us, we ask that you call by the registered number.
In some cases, it may take time to dispatch a taxi.
Because there are occasions when taxies cannot be dispatched immediately, we recommend you register with multiple companies.

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