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Enoshima Taxi Point card

Enoshima Taxi Point card
Free admission fee
and Free annual fee

  • 50ポイントで1000円分の商品券!
  • ポイントカード画像
  • Can be issued

“Enotaku”Features of Point Card


At Enoshima taxi, we offer a very great point card.
If you accumulate 50 points, we will exchange it for 1,000 yen nationwide department store gift certificate.

Granting points

  • 1 point added for each basic fee
  • After accumulating 50 points, it will return to 0 poinst, so you can continue using the card.

“Enotaku”How to use Point Card


When the points are collected, we will give you a receipt as shown above, so please write your address, name and telephone number on the back of the receipt and mail it to our company, or please bring it to our head office.

Since the receipt is made of photosensitive paper, please be careful if keeping it in a bright place, as the color print will become lighter, making it harder to read.