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Kamakura / Enoshima Hydrangea Sightseeing spot in June Four Recommended tourist attractions

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Kamakura in June is the season when hydrangeas are in full bloom.
Speaking of hydrangea sightseeing, Kamakura is famous for it! And at the best time to see them are all the crowds!!

Why is it that although we can see hydrangeas anywhere in Japan, Kamakura and Shonan Enoshima is popular with many people as a spot for hydrangeas? Of course there is a reason for this.

We, Enoshima Taxi started our services in the Shonan area 66 years ago, and we will take you to see recommended spots for hydrangeas in Kamakura / Enoshima.

Meigetsuin Blue in Kitakamakura


Meigetsuin also known as “Ajisai-dera”.
The highlight is a group of blue hydrangeas called “Meigetsuin Blue.”
“Hime Ajisai” was planted to give a sense of unity and is initially a pale blue color and gradually changes to a dark blue color day by day.

At “Ao-no-sando (blue approach path)”, you can enjoy the refined transparent beauty of the unified blue hydrangeas.

Spot information

Best season mid-June to late June
Hydrangea type “Himeajisai”
Number of hydrangeas about 2,500
Time 8: 30 ~ 17: 00
Address Yamanouchi 189, Kamakura city, Kanagawa
Nearest station Get off at JR Kamakura station, 10 minutes on foot
Admission fee 500 yen

Popular as a flower temple “Hasedera’s” hydrangeas

Contrary to “Meigetsuin” which boasts just beautiful blues, our feature here is colorful hydrangeas. In addition to blue, violet, and pink, you can enjoy different shades of color depending on the weather and humidity of the day. You can also see Yuigahama from the upper row of ‘Hydrangea road’ where colorful varieties of hydrangeas have been planted.

Spot information

Best season From mid-June
Hydrangea type Hydrangea, Kurohime, Blue Sky, UzuAjisai(Ayesha bigleaf hydrangea), Western hydrangea, Annabelle, Cleric, Benigaku etc. more than 40 types
Number of hydrangeas about 2,500
Time 8: 00 ~ 17: 30
Address Hase 3-11-2, Kamakura-city
Nearest station Get off at Enoden Line Hase station, 5 minutes on foot
Admission fee Adults 300 yen, elementary school student 100 yen

The oldest temple in Kamakura, Sugimoto-ji

“Sugimoto-ji” is the oldest temple among the many temples in Kamakura. Blue hydrangeas are around “Nioumon”, and pink hydrangeas are blooming beside a quaint moss staircase.

Spot information

Best season From mid-June
Time 8: 00-16: 30
Address Nikaido 903, Kamakura city
Nearest station 25 minutes on foot from Kamakura station on JR Yokosuka Line
Admission fee Adults 200 yen, elementary school students 100 yen

Enoden and hydrangeas, if you are taking pictures of something unique to Shonan, “Goryojinjya”

The only place where Enoden and Hydrangeas can be seen together is “Goryojinjya”. Enoden running alongside the hydrangeas creates a picturistic scene. It is possible to take pictures in a narrow passage near the “torii”. Please be careful not to lean out though.

Spot information

Best season Early to mid-June
Time 9: 00 ~ 17: 00
Address Sakanoshita 4-9, Kamakura-city
Nearest station Get off at the nearest station Enoden Line Hase station, 3 minutes on foot
Admission fee 100 yen

Avoid the crowds of “Ajisaidera”, and go to Shonan / Enoshima for a hydranga tour

Temples such as Hase-dera and Meigetsuin are famous but actually Enoshima is also a great Hydrangea sightseeing spot. We recommend you enjoy hydrangeas here, avoiding the crowds at “Ajisai-dera”.

While you can enjoy hydrangeas at different places around the island, the best recommended place is at one of Enoshima Shrine’s three palaces, the hydrangeas of “Okutsu Palace”, which is situated deepest into the mountains. Walking along a path surrounded by hydrangeas, you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful fresh flowers. We highly recommend it.

Spot information

Best season Early June –
Nearest station Enoshima Dentetsu Enoshima Station 15 minutes on foot
Shonan Monorail Shonan Enoshima Station 15 minutes on foot
Odakyu Enoshima Line Katase Enoshima Station 10 minutes on foot

Take a taxi and efficiently go around recommended spots!

“Since I’ve come all the way to Kamakura and Enoshima, I would like to travel as efficiently as possible to all the famous spots as much as I can!”

You are a “Go everywhere, See Everything” person.
Because you finally got a vacation, we understand that you want to use your time to visit all the places you possibly can!

“Because I can come to Kamakura and Enoshima very quickly, I would like to take full advantage of one highlight spot!”

You are a “take your time and enjoy” type person.
We understand how you want to get away from your normal hectic everyday life and want to relax!

At Enoshima taxi, our drivers who have all of the local information will guide you to our recommended courses, perfect for both types of people.

Please enjoy an “unforgettable day” with Enoshima Taxi, with the latest information about Kamakura and Enoshima hydrangeas with our local taxi guides, something you cannot enjoy with just a guide book or web search.

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